Events close to crisis point – Jerry Kowalsky

The crisis casts a colorful semantic shadow when the Dutch artist fabricates his sculptures made out of cardboard and metal screws. With sympathetic perseverance and reduced, carefully chosen means and gestures he creates a small and clever wonderland.
The subtly amorphous trees are the most eye-catching assets in the exhibition and lead the cardboard material back to its roots, forming at the same time as tentacles frozen in a dancing movement. So, the familiar seems to coexist with the uncanny here.
Generally, it is the multifaceted lines of tradition and references, that make up the fascination surrounding Jerry Kowalsky. He sees himself primarily as a sculptor, but he is also a painter and draughtsman who is able to create astonishing things (roughly somewhere in between Cornelia Schleime and Francis Bacon).
The empty shoes – custom-made in an Italian style – are the classic representatives of the absentee, placeholders of the beholder, but they are also spirits evoked by small gestures, as the Belgian Mariën 1949 summoned them as “L’ esprit de l’ escalier” (The Spirit of the Staircase): Two shoes placed on adjacent steps, photographed, there we go with the “staircase wit” – the second meaning of the French term – and we have the fleeting genius tied down on top. In Jerry Kowalsky’s universe they, the shoes, stand in front of a hut made up of neon light and serve as a bridge to a chess game, which knows neither winner nor loser due to a minimal color conversion. (Then again, maybe the shoes have moved elsewhere in the meantime, who knows?) On the one hand, this waves cheerfully in the direction of the Fluxus game experiments, but it also has a bit of David Lynch to it.
And then there’s the walls with colorful noses and ears stuck to them – what kind of creatures might have lost those, we wonder – it breathes all of a sudden, it can smell and hear us, becomes sensual and once again „creepy“. Are we being monitored visually and olfactory?
At first, all we can do is throwing our gaze at this ensemble. Thoughts are coming in later, staying behind a bit like a staircase wit. But once they‘re caught, they stay and can linger for a long time.
Julian Born


Working for the Working Man

Kleiner Salon welcomes Berlin based creatives Blank Blank to Premiere their newest project titled  Working for the Working Man, a film noir murder mystery melding kaleidoscopic fusion.
+ HANDSFREE (O: Vilunki 3000)
+ DJ CANDLE IN THE WIND (LIVE set via satelite)

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WORKING FOR THE WORKING MAN is a cross-boarder liasion between the film makers Blank Blank Film and the electronic duo DJ CANDLE IN THE WIND. Sound and image flow from a genuinely collaborative process mutually inspiring and transforming each other.

The film WORKING FOR THE WORKING MAN will be screened in Berlin, Helsinki and Kouvola. In Berlin the screening will be followed by a live stream concert of Dj Candle in the Wind from Helsinki.

Doors at 19h
Screening 20h
Concert 20:30h



Where have all the workers gone? In Koijola, a small industrial town amidst the Finnish woods the workers of a saw mill mysteriously disappear. Detective Käki is sent from Helsinki to investigate the case. He hates the province and arrives with an uneasy gut feeling. In Koijola confusing chaos awaits him. What is the boss of the saw mill hiding? Is murderous feminism at work, here? What’s Marx got to do with it?

Thank God for Titty Bar! Here, the Detective can contemplate the case as he suddenly hits the missing link. While Käki is being dragged deeper and deeper into the woods his darkest foreshadows come to life.

In Finlands South East there are not only few people but even fewer jobs. Especially today, with more and more local industry giving in to global competition, leaving closed down places and empty cities behind. What’s there left to do in a small Finnish town? Music!

Is this a music video? Is this a crime story? Is this anti-capitalist DADA?The Finish summers are cold and short but the sun never sets. A Film Noir out of raw daylight.

Film by Blank Blank / Music Dj Candle in the Wind
Additional music: Timo Heikkilä and Elsa Liimanainen

Sneaky little preview snippet!

Working for the Working Man

Working for the working man #viikonloppu #djcandleinthewind #koijola #tulossa #stilettiana #vilunki3000

Posted by Blank Blank Film on Saturday, September 10, 2016

// Film by Blank Blank Film/ Music Dj Candle in the Wind