*mujer* y arte – Mesa redonda con Verónica Troncoso  mujer y arte - Verónica Troncoso

Archivo y Subjetividad

¿Quién habla en nombre de quién? ¿Cómo narrar historias de otras? Y ¿Cuál sería el rol de la estética?
El presente encuentro nos invita a reflexionar sobre qué prácticas artísticas son posibles de realizar cuando hablamos de archivos, subjetividades y experiencias traumáticas. Nos preguntamos cómo desde el rescate de archivos se pueden crear piezas artísticas y estas convertirse en lenguajes de transferencias de sujetas y biografías.

Verónica Troncoso es Artista visual, Magíster en Artes Visuales de la Universidad de Chile. Vive y trabaja en Santiago de Chile, en la Universidad de Chile, donde realiza la cátedra de Construcción de Archivos en las artes visuales, Seminario de imágen y política y Taller de especialidad de fotografía. Participa en el Núcleo de investigación: “Imagen y poder. Performatividad e Iconclastía“, y en el grupo de investigación y creación Sonido Ciudad, en el que desarrolla, junto con Rimini Protokoll, el proyecto: Memorias en Tránsito (Santiago, Chile 2016-2017). Sus zonas de investigación son: Arte, archivos, violaciones a los derechos humanos y memoria.

El ciclo de encuentros *mujer* y arte está organizado por Thais Vera Utrilla y Karina Villavicencio

Miércoles 13.07. // 19.00h   *sólo en español // only in Spanish // nur auf Spanisch


The Inherent Power of Turning the Other Cheek

The Inherent Power of Turning the Other Cheek


Embrace your precarious position // Exercise your vulnerability as a strength and a gift // To protest you must necessarily be vulnerable // Resistance necessitates that you are permeable, exposed, in grief // Fragile,mortal bodies united in extreme solidarity // When we live bare to the world and all its possible harm, there is no fear // Everything is purpose // Do something radical, turn the other cheek.

Lorena Juan, freelance curator and co-founder of the feminist art collective COVEN BERLIN presents “The Inherent Power Of Turning The Other Cheek”, an artistic approach to the subject of vulnerability.

Exhibition:  30.06.16.  – 10.07.16. // Opening:  June 30th at 20h.




wir brauchen vjs #3

WIR BRAUCHEN VJs Master class is an invitation to live the video world, giving you the technical knowledge and theoretical concepts to start your own live visual project. As well, it will enable you to use these new skills in your own professional field.

The participants will learn the creative and technical workflow to develop a live video project. We will explore VJ influences (art, cinema, music) and its usings in performances, clubs, mapping and stage design.
The second part of the workshop is dedicated to a full learning session of Resolume VJ software in order to play live great visuals.
Each participant will be invited to create a 10 minutes VJ set to be play live at the end of the workshop at a live public session joined by Catnapp.

WIR BRAUCHEN VJs Master class is open to any person interested in live visual acts. It´s designed mainly for visual artists and video technicians who want to learn about live video technique and theory tools.

The workshop is officially supported by Resolume VJ Software, which offers free licence numbers to the participants for the workshop and a 20 % reduction on Resolume Software at the end of the workshop.

Requirements / material needed:
• Laptop (mac or PC) + VGA or HDMI adaptor for mac users
• Installing Resolume Avenue demo software before the workshop (
• Installing Quicktime player on your laptop
• Please install at least 1 of these video softwares on your computer to be able to prepare your video loops during the workshop : Adobe Premiere Pro / Final Cut pro / Quicktime Pro / Mpeg stream clip
• your own pictures (drawings, photos, etc.) and/or video sequences
• your personality and good mood

About the tutor :
A-li-ce (FR / Berlin), works as a VJ and as a video artist since 2005.
Graduated of art school and university (Master 2 in video art theory), she performs in many audiovisual festivals as Mapping Festival (CH), Mira (ES), RoBOt Festival (IT), etc.
She also works as a video designer for theatre and teaches live video tools for 5 years in differents artistic and video institutions in Europe.
Website :

Music Guest : Catnapp

Detailed Program

Saturday 16th : VJ theory and technique / creative workflow / Resolume Part 1 & 2

10:00 – 12:30 : VJ Theory & VJ technical workflow
12:30 – 13:00 : Lunch break
13:00 – 15:00 : Resolume – Parts 1 & 2 & exercises
15:00 – 16:00 : Collective brainstorming – VJ personal projects
16:00 – 18:00 : Preparing VJ content – workflow & VJ personal project

Sunday 17th : Resolume Part 3 & 4 / Live training / Live session

10:00 – 12:30 : Resolume – Parts 3 & 4 & exercises
12:30 – 13:00 : Lunch break
13:00 – 16:00 : Live training
16:00 – 17:00 : Collective discussion & feedbacks
17:00 – 18:30 : Personal work & set up
19:30 – 20:30 : Live audiovisual public session with Catnapp – Live audio

For the complete weekend the workshop fee is 150€
Student discount on request.